A range of reporting options that keep you informed – and assure you that we’re doing our job.

ICU Manager Reports provide you with a range of ways to keep you informed. From Daily Health Check reports that advise you of the condition of your systems each morning, to Weekly Health Reports that provide a one-page, once-per-week health analysis, to comprehensive Monthly Client Reports that show trends and highlight issues on a wide range of systems, you’ll be able to choose the way you’d like to be kept informed.

What is the Daily Health Report?

The Daily Health Report provides a one-page summary showing the state of you’re:

  • Backup jobs
  • Anti-virus update
  • Disk health
  • Exchange Store size
  • Disk volume growth rates
  • Event logs
  • Hacker attempts

Note that the Daily Health Check service is a pre-requisite for this report.

If you contract with us for support, you can rest assured that we’re attending to any problems found. If you don’t contract with us, you can attend to these problems yourself – or call us for supplementary support.

What is the Weekly Health Report?

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. The Weekly Health Report summaries each day’s Health Checks into one easy-to-read report and delivers it once a week at a time suitable for you.
You’ll see developing issues, and you’ll be assured that we’re checking your systems each and every morning.

What is the Monthly Client Report?

Monthly Client Reports provide comprehensive detail about outages and trends experienced during the month. You’ll receive full color graphs showing:

  • Disk space trends
  • Percentage good analysis for all 24×7 checks
  • Outage analysis by type
  • Backup complete and AV update trends
  • And more

You’ll see what parts of your network are creaking and are the cause of downtime. Together, we can address these issues and further improve your systems availability.

How do I get going?

Please note that reports can only be offered in conjunction with the Daily Health and/or 24×7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring Services.
These take just 10 minutes to put in place. And there’s no need for a technician to visit or for machines to reboot.

Contact ICU Manager to find out more.