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For less than the price

of a cup of coffee a day.

ICU Manager service protects your critical IT systems and helps keep your business running.
It helps you to avoid the following common issues:

    • System downtime
    • Virus attacks on your network and PCs
    • Attempts to hack into your network
    • Slow internet connection
    • Lack of access to important data

and more…

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AV Defender

ICU Manager’s AV Defender feature uses Bitdefender® technology to provide comprehensive antivirus and
anti-malware protection for Windows devices.

Audit Manager

A powerful management and compliance solution designed to help organizations with vulnerability assessment, mitigation, and protection. Identifies potential weak spots and proactively helps maintain system integrity.

Multi System Support

ICU Manager supports both Windows and Mac devices and offers a strong integrated remote monitoring and management automation platform

Welcome to ICU Manager.

What might seem like a small IT problem can often lead to a major business headache.

Managed Networks prevents this through four core services; From automatic back-up and antivirus checks to full systems diagnosis and reporting, your IT infrastructure will be taken care of, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

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